Human Eye (cross section)



Although art is one of my greatest passions, I am a full time researcher. I am currently working on my PhD in Stratified Medicine, but before I used to study genetically inherited eye diseases. Above is a human eye cross section diagram I sketched out for a paper I was working on at the time.

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opassum 1

An opossum illustration I made for a friend.

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Leonardo and his catch phrase ­čÖé

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Sound System


A poster made for a  Jamaican music art contest.  My entry is dedicated to the Jamaican sound system. The sound system is an important part of the Jamaican culture and history, and no sound system would be complete without huge speakers. Thus, I decided to make a collage poster, where I stacked up the spekers in a fun and unusual way.

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Common element


An entry for an illustration contest about embracing each other.

My approach to the topic of embracing differences is a little more scientific. I decided to draw two hands reaching out to each other connected by a DNA strand. I wanted to show that although the hands belong to two individuals, these individuals are not so different after all, since they share the same genetic makeup which links them and makes them one. No matter our opinions, race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation; we are all human and made out of the same thing. We are connected, and ultimately not very different, thus should be accepting of one another.

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Self Portrait



A quick self portrait sketch. I might work on it a little more, but I really like it unfinished.

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My last drawing of 2016.

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