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Sound System


A poster made for a  Jamaican music art contest.  My entry is dedicated to the Jamaican sound system. The sound system is an important part of the Jamaican culture and history, and no sound system would be complete without huge speakers. Thus, I decided to make a collage poster, where I stacked up the spekers in a fun and unusual way.

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The Big Bad Wolf


An illustration I’ve made for an art contest with the theme of spying. I’ve entered three drawings into the contest- all concentrated around spy cameras. I’ll upload the rest of the drawings soon. In the meantime you can vote for my illustrations here (they are listed under the name “Jess”)- I’d really appreciate it!

As for my own little contest/giveaway, I’ve decided to make it a raffle. All the names of people that commented under my last post were put into a hat and the winner was drawn.

And the winner is ….



Congrats! You win the butterfly ornament!

Mary is an amazing oil pastel artist-her work is incredible! I’m very lucky to have such a talented artist as one of my followers. And if you haven’t seen her lovely art blog yet click here.

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Mail Art 2


A spring themed mail art doodle, which is being posted all the way to India!

Hope the recipient likes it.

And here is the insert with the envelope:


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Genie- October Tale


My illustration entry for Neil Gaiman’s “A Calendar of Tales”- October Tale.

I was a bit rushed doing it -but the October story was so lovely I just had to draw something.

Read about “A Calendar of Tales” project and view my September Tale illustration entry here. To see the other October Tale illustration submissions (and to read or listen to the story) click here.

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Scarecrow- September Tale

ScarecrowNeil Gaiman, an English author of many amazing fantasy novels, comic books, graphic novels and short stories, started a cool new project-“A Calendar of Tales”. Inspired by tweets and posts by his fans, he came up with 12 short stories- each for one month of the year- and invited artists from allover the world to help him illustrate them! And since I just love his books (“American Gods” must be one of my all time favorites!), naturally I had to partake in the fun!

This is my illustration submission for the September Tale (why September Tale? September is my birth month!).

You can read the tale (even listen to it- narrated by Neil Gaiman himself!) and view the other September Tale illustration submissions here. You can read about the project on Neil’s webpage under his journal tab (here and here) or by clicking here.


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