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Sound System


A poster made for a  Jamaican music art contest.  My entry is dedicated to the Jamaican sound system. The sound system is an important part of the Jamaican culture and history, and no sound system would be complete without huge speakers. Thus, I decided to make a collage poster, where I stacked up the spekers in a fun and unusual way.

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Gulliver’s Travels


A collage I made back in high school.

Sorry for the bad picture quality, but it’s hard to get a good photo of this piece. The collage is super glossy since I’ve used three layers of glaze to protect it.

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Mail Art

The art course I was taking just came to the an end. It was a lot of fun! It introduced me to many interesting artists and showed me some new art techniques.

One of the course requirements was to create a piece of mail art. Apparently I’ve been doing some type mail art for years, since I make and send my own cards and illustrate postcards for my friends and family.

Here is an example of a Valentine’s Day card I sent my family this year:

Image (47)

However, mail art is not just about what goes into an envelope- but, more importantly, what goes on the envelope.  Thus, we were required to submit a set of illustrated mail art envelopes with inserts, all created around the topic of memory. I’ve decided to dedicate my mail art to my many travel memories:

Front of the envelope:


Back of the envelope:

Image (54)

The insert:

Image (55)

And here are some other mail art examples created by my classmates.

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Gazette Girl


Another collage assignment for the art class I’m taking. All done with torn newspaper.

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The Spy


A collage I made for an art class I’m currently taking.

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