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 Daffodils for Mary.

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Mail Art 3

Here is a set of mail art I’ve sent to a fellow artist :

Front of the envelope:

Image (57)

Back of the envelope:

Image (58)

The insert:

Image (59)

Envelope and Insert (I’ve also included a handmade chevron bracelet to my mail art):


I hope the recipient liked it.

Enjoy your summer!

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Mail Art 2


A spring themed mail art doodle, which is being posted all the way to India!

Hope the recipient likes it.

And here is the insert with the envelope:


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A few months ago I filled up one of my sketchbooks (nothing else really fits in there). My sketchbook is pretty chaotic- full of scribbles, drawings and cut outs. Most of the time I don’t even have it with me. Whenever I feel like drawing I doodle on whatever I can find (like napkins)- later pasting it into the sketchbook (in no specific order, wherever I can find some space).

Here are a few pictures of my sketchbook pages:

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Thank you tulips for Tiffini Johnson.

To read about Tiffini’s blog and to see what I received from her click here.

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