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Scan 1

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Sound System


A poster made for a  Jamaican music art contest.  My entry is dedicated to the Jamaican sound system. The sound system is an important part of the Jamaican culture and history, and no sound system would be complete without huge speakers. Thus, I decided to make a collage poster, where I stacked up the spekers in a fun and unusual way.

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Scan 3r  Modern friendship

(Click on the image to make it larger)

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Drawing Steps – Void






 Progress shots of “Void”.

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The Big Bad Wolf


An illustration I’ve made for an art contest with the theme of spying. I’ve entered three drawings into the contest- all concentrated around spy cameras. I’ll upload the rest of the drawings soon. In the meantime you can vote for my illustrations here (they are listed under the name “Jess”)- I’d really appreciate it!

As for my own little contest/giveaway, I’ve decided to make it a raffle. All the names of people that commented under my last post were put into a hat and the winner was drawn.

And the winner is ….



Congrats! You win the butterfly ornament!

Mary is an amazing oil pastel artist-her work is incredible! I’m very lucky to have such a talented artist as one of my followers. And if you haven’t seen her lovely art blog yet click here.

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Do you ever feel “empty”? Like there is a massive hole in your chest that nothing can fill? I sometimes do. It’s such a strange feeling, that I can’t even properly describe it in words.

So, I’ve decided to illustrate it instead.

I’ve actually used images of Superman as my “chest” reference. 😉 The void itself is painted in watercolors. The rest is pencils and some chalk pastels. I’m quite happy with the result, especially since I never really draw such portraits-usually it’s just the face.

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