Questions? Want something painted/illustrated?

You can contact me via e-mail:


just leave a comment.

I’ll try to get back to you asap.

13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. tachr says:

    Nice paintings with much feelings….

  2. Hey Jess,
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my craft. 🙂
    You have a really nice blog here.

  3. Thank you for checking out my Art Blog, I share your Favorites Artist list

  4. Bio M science ! What a wonderful field in which to be involved now. I did some study orthomolecular medicine(Linus Pauling et al re addiction recovery nutrition). I would think important to moon and planet settlement too. I soooo like your art. Would like to feature you on a Wednesday guest post. Let me know if interested.

  5. Paul J. Stam says:

    Jess, love your art. i will be following to see more of it.
    So glad you liked “Email Just Ain’t it” on Paper mud and me. Glad you like the sculpture gallery. I really must update it and put in some of my more recent things.
    Oh, incidentally, I also got a Ziggy letter. She inspired me to send out at least a card a week, but there will be not art on it. Also happy anniversary.

  6. Neil says:

    I like your posts. I’m never disappointed when I visit your blog full of beautiful portraits and other artwork.

  7. fashionvent says:

    Your art is amazing!! Fair play..:)

  8. Jess, thanks for liking my painting. Your work is great — keep it up!!

  9. kai says:

    The mail art is Fantastico… thanks for sharing.

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