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opassum 1

An opossum illustration I made for a friend.

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Common element


An entry for an illustration contest about embracing each other.

My approach to the topic of embracing differences is a little more scientific. I decided to draw two hands reaching out to each other connected by a DNA strand. I wanted to show that although the hands belong to two individuals, these individuals are not so different after all, since they share the same genetic makeup which links them and makes them one. No matter our opinions, race, gender, nationality, religion or sexual orientation; we are all human and made out of the same thing. We are connected, and ultimately not very different, thus should be accepting of one another.

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Do you ever feel “empty”? Like there is a massive hole in your chest that nothing can fill? I sometimes do. It’s such a strange feeling, that I can’t even properly describe it in words.

So, I’ve decided to illustrate it instead.

I’ve actually used images of Superman as my “chest” reference. 😉 The void itself is painted in watercolors. The rest is pencils and some chalk pastels. I’m quite happy with the result, especially since I never really draw such portraits-usually it’s just the face.

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Fashion Bites Commission

001 copy

 A commission made for the super glamorous Maria and Marina from “M&M Fashion Bites” blog. Their fashion blog is one of the most stylish ones out there so be sure to drop by and say “hi” (click here).

And to see my drawing on their lovely blog click here 🙂

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Monster Mash



Halloween is just around the corner, so I decided to “dress myself” for the occasion and draw a self-portrait as a monster. However, I had such problem choosing one monster to draw myself as, so I decided to make a monster mashup.

There is a little bit of vampire (the fangs and the bite marks on the neck), goblin (the long ears), gargoyle (I tried to give the portrait a stone feeling and exaggerated the cheek bones), and werewolf (the super bushy brows).  I even payed homage to the Bride of Frankenstein by putting a white streak in the hair!

Now I just have to decide what monster to dress up as in real life… so many to choose from!

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