What Did I Do On My Birthday?


 A few days ago was my birthday. As a thank you to my friends for all the birthday e-mails and messages I decided to use my recently learned skills and make a little comic. All the b-day messages were very much appreciated.

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bff1final-copy“BFFs” is the final result of my comic book making class. I’d learned a lot and really enjoyed the course. I think I’ll keep on making little comics in the future. They are loads of fun to create.

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5 Minute Sketch



In order to motivate myself to do more art, I signed up for a comic book making class. The class is not purely about art, but also script writing, story development, image editing, lettering…basically the whole shebang. It’s 6 weeks long and the main goal is to tell a story in about 16 panels which will be made into a professional looking (hopefully) comic book.

So far the course is pretty interesting. This week we were discussing comic book ideas and what makes a story good. Next week we’ll learn about script writing. Today however, I’ve actually learned something about myself: I don’t draw as good under time restrictions (and timers make me nervous)! Don’t get me wrong, I completed plenty of paintings and drawings under various deadlines, but today I felt like I was put on the spot. Ready, set, draw!

Our first art assignment was to sketch something in 5 minutes. To ensure there was no cheating we were timed (with an egg timer!). It did not matter what was sketched as long as it fit in the 5 minute time span, because once the buzzer went off all pencils went down. I’ve noticed that the buzzer ticking away made me a little nervous, and before I decided if I was sketching a girl or a boy (although the picture came out more girly) time was up. The 5 minute sketch, in my case, has proven to be a little challenging, the drawing is not as clean or proportional as I’d like it to be. However, considering the time restriction I don’t think I did all that badly. I even tried to smudge some shadows around the cheeks with my finger.  I think I’ll keep practicing 5 minute sketches, but I’ll probably use my phone and keep away from egg timers for a while. 😉


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There is a fan above my bed.

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Male Study



Here is one of those half finished sketches I mentioned in my previous post.


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I’m not sure what’s wrong with me lately. I’m stuck in some sort of funk and it’s been hard to get out of it. For the past few months I was unable to draw or paint. My head is full of ideas, but putting those ideas on paper proved to be difficult. I’d start on a project but quickly lose interest, so now I have a folder full of half finished drawings and sketches.

I miss art though. I miss how much joy it used to give me. So yesterday I decided to try again and ease myself back into painting by going “back to basics”. Thus, I’ve painted a goldfish, which was one of the first things I ever painted (see the “old” goldfish here). The painting itself is very tiny, about the size of my hand (and I have very small hands), and painted with acrylics on a wooden floor panel. I can’t say it’s the best thing I ever painted, but it’s a start.

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Out Of My Sketchbook- Blah Blah Blah


A very quick scribble I’ve done yesterday evening. It’s not as neat and thought through as my usual sketches, but I actually quite like the subject. I might play around with it and eventually make a proper painting/drawing out of it.

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