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In order to motivate myself to do more art, I signed up for a comic book making class. The class is not purely about art, but also script writing, story development, image editing, lettering…basically the whole shebang. It’s 6 weeks long and the main goal is to tell a story in about 16 panels which will be made into a professional looking (hopefully) comic book.

So far the course is pretty interesting. This week we were discussing comic book ideas and what makes a story good. Next week we’ll learn about script writing. Today however, I’ve actually learned something about myself: I don’t draw as good under time restrictions (and timers make me nervous)! Don’t get me wrong, I completed plenty of paintings and drawings under various deadlines, but today I felt like I was put on the spot. Ready, set, draw!

Our first art assignment was to sketch something in 5 minutes. To ensure there was no cheating we were timed (with an egg timer!). It did not matter what was sketched as long as it fit in the 5 minute time span, because once the buzzer went off all pencils went down. I’ve noticed that the buzzer ticking away made me a little nervous, and before I decided if I was sketching a girl or a boy (although the picture came out more girly) time was up. The 5 minute sketch, in my case, has proven to be a little challenging, the drawing is not as clean or proportional as I’d like it to be. However, considering the time restriction I don’t think I did all that badly. I even tried to smudge some shadows around the cheeks with my finger.  I think I’ll keep practicing 5 minute sketches, but I’ll probably use my phone and keep away from egg timers for a while. 😉


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11 thoughts on “5 Minute Sketch

  1. B says:

    I love the way you drew the eyes on this piece, you really brought out the emotion of the entire face through the eyes.

  2. isabellaesthermariarose says:

    Well done, Jess. We all need to break out of the mould sometimes even though it may take us way out of our comfort zone. You did well, my friend.

  3. L.Smith says:

    Actually, The shading is very nicely done

  4. domnakis says:

    Nicely done for 5 min Jessica, you really depicted your face at that moment I guess 😀 Good luck with the course I hope it’s interesting and you learn new things 😉

  5. Mary says:

    The course sounds interesting and exciting Jess – there is so much that you are going to be able to take away and use. I’m with you on 5-minute timer for creating and drawing – you go girl. I love your sketch!!

    • Mary says:

      Jess I have an idea. If they want you to sketch in 5-minutes next time – draw your hand or your foot.

      • Jess says:

        Oh that’s an amazing idea! A foot would be a bit easier to draw for me than a hand (hands can take me a while- they are very expressive!). I also was thinking that next time I should have an idea of what I want to draw before I start the 5 min sketch. That way I don’t waste time on deciding what to do. You gave some great tips! Thanks Mary!

      • Mary says:

        If the drawing doesn’t have to be in human form, try drawing the door in the room or the window casing, or the back of someone sitting in front of you. Oh this is going to be fun. Looking forward to seeing what you do next time up.

  6. violet says:

    Your class sounds interesting dear Jess !
    Love the 5 min sketching idea and I sometimes do it with my friend who lives in another country thru the Skype 😊 we just choose simple things around and as Mary said too, sometimes sketching our hand or feet.
    you did a greatr portriate and shade it great in only 5 min!❤️
    keep going and looking forward to see your next sketch😘

  7. sillysadness says:

    Very cool, I like your drawing/sketch. keep up the good work

  8. MAGNY TJELTA says:

    LOL! Yes, your class sounds fun and interesting, it is sometimes really good to be pushed to do something we feel stressed about. You made a lovely sketch !

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