I got sunburned on a grey and cloudy day. Not exactly sure how it happened, but I imagine it went something like this (click on the picture to make it bigger) :


Remember: always wear sunscreen- even on grey and cloudy days 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Sunburn

  1. I love this. This is beautiful AND funny.

  2. Logan Josh Bennet says:

    Funny 🙂 love it. Hope your sunburn does not hurt badly.

  3. We did not have to worry about such 50-60 years ago as earth protection from bad guy rays was still intact. It is astonishing how much deterioration in all planet systems have occurred in my lifetime.

  4. domnakis says:

    what a great illustration to pass the message Jess, love it! I hope you feel better though 😊

  5. maddie says:

    Like this a lot! Fun way of recommending the usage of SPF creams 🙂

  6. OH no! Sunburn hurts, but you’ve made it into art:) Great lobster claws!

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