Shelf Mushroom Bowl





This is the result of my first attempt at working on a electric spinning wheel. Potters make it look so easy- but the process takes a lot of strength and is much more complicated than it looks!

Unfortunately, my first ever attempt at  throwing and spinning clay on the wheel was a bit of a failure. This here was supposed to be a bowl, however I’ve put to much pressure on the wet clay and the walls collapsed. The collapsed part folded on itself, and reminded me of a  shelf mushroom growing  on a wall. Thus, I decided to title this little piece the “Shelf Mushroom Bowl”. I actually grew rather fond of it, and it serves as a little place where I store my keys.

Above are pictures of the inside of the bowl, below are the pictures of its sides (and the shelf mushroom in its full glory!). The glaze on this piece is a metallic silver, however, for some reason, it came out looking gold in the photos.


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4 thoughts on “Shelf Mushroom Bowl

  1. So true! Throwing pots is not easy. I like your little shelf mushroom!

  2. Deb says:

    Not a bad first try, Jess…I like it.

  3. Irene says:

    Your ceramic artwork look lovely

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