Mail Art

The art course I was taking just came to the an end. It was a lot of fun! It introduced me to many interesting artists and showed me some new art techniques.

One of the course requirements was to create a piece of mail art. Apparently I’ve been doing some type mail art for years, since I make and send my own cards and illustrate postcards for my friends and family.

Here is an example of a Valentine’s Day card I sent my family this year:

Image (47)

However, mail art is not just about what goes into an envelope- but, more importantly, what goes on the envelope.  Thus, we were required to submit a set of illustrated mail art envelopes with inserts, all created around the topic of memory. I’ve decided to dedicate my mail art to my many travel memories:

Front of the envelope:


Back of the envelope:

Image (54)

The insert:

Image (55)

And here are some other mail art examples created by my classmates.

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12 thoughts on “Mail Art

  1. artscottnet says:

    These are really incredible! I LOVE that compass. Awesome work

  2. Alice says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. I really enjoy your mail art. The idea of showing all the the travel memories is neat. And I like the way you showed and told a story through your art. – this will provide a good memory for you and the people who see it.

  3. creativeonsundays says:

    You are so imaginative! And have a wonderful way of piecing things together. I’ve never tried creating collages as such, but if they turned out anything like yours I’d be pleased.

    In particular I like the real hands as compass hands and love the insert. Anything to do with Adventure wins me over!


  4. Justin says:

    I am really impressed. Your piece obviously is very personal and meaningful.Very enjoyable. Congratulations!

  5. Pegasus Prince says:

    Great Job! your travels illustrate in your artwork very clearly. All the best!!!

  6. Owen says:

    This is great! I love the vibrancy of color and the mix of cut-outs with drawings. It conveys excitement, much like traveling to new destinations. Bravo!

  7. pastelanne says:

    These are great! A wonderful idea.

  8. They are beautiful!!! Excellent works!!!!

  9. hobo hippie says:

    hi I was doing mail art for a few years-I was known as “oak ankle” I made postcards and stamps and add-ons-it was fun-best ana

  10. Tenessa Sweetheart says:

    It’s wonderful.

  11. gonerustic says:

    I love mail art! And I REALLY like your envelopes =D

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