Scarecrow- September Tale

ScarecrowNeil Gaiman, an English author of many amazing fantasy novels, comic books, graphic novels and short stories, started a cool new project-“A Calendar of Tales”. Inspired by tweets and posts by his fans, he came up with 12 short stories- each for one month of the year- and invited artists from allover the world to help him illustrate them! And since I just love his books (“American Gods” must be one of my all time favorites!), naturally I had to partake in the fun!

This is my illustration submission for the September Tale (why September Tale? September is my birth month!).

You can read the tale (even listen to it- narrated by Neil Gaiman himself!) and view the other September Tale illustration submissions here. You can read about the project on Neil’s webpage under his journal tab (here and here) or by clicking here.


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4 thoughts on “Scarecrow- September Tale

  1. fantastic entry…i love neil gaiman, too! i wish i had known about it…:P

  2. Great work. I didn’t know he was doing this.

  3. […] about “A Calendar of Tales” project and view my September Tale illustration entry here. To see the other October Tale illustration submissions (and to read or listen to the story) click […]

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