Happy Blog Anniversary JNiggelArt!

First of all I’d like to apologize for not posting on my blog for over a month. I’ve had some computer problems which left me stuck without internet for 3 weeks. And because of this I missed my first blog anniversary (which was on Feb. 28)!

But I finally got my computer back and now I can thank everybody for all the love and support that kept JNiggelArt going for a full year! Thank you so much! Your kind words and comments mean a lot to me.

During the weeks I’ve spent without my computer I’ve received some special gifts which I would like to share and thank for.

First I’d like to extend a special thanks to Ziggy for sending me an amazing illustrated letter:

mad s elf

I absolutely love the mad scientist elf she drew-a mad scientist elf for a mad scientist! Just perfect! As a thank you Ziggy is also getting a little gift from me- hope she gets it soon!

Ziggy is trying to revive the lost art of hand written letters (all beautifully illustrated) and if you’d like to help out in her project just leave a comment here. Don’t forget to check out the rest of her blog (here) which is full of elves and wonderful stories.

Big thanks to Apu from THEO collective for exchanging art copies and sending me some great postcards:

Apu postcards

I really enjoy the postcards (all of interesting collages) and even sent out a few.

Apu already received my art copies and if you’d like to see what Apu got in return have a look here. Check out the rest of his blog by clicking here.

Thank you to Tiffini Johnson for sending me one of her beautiful books:

holding home book

Tiffini is a writer and an author of many interesting books (which you can read about on her blog here). A special thank you gift is on it’s way to Tiffini- hope it gets to her safely.

And last but not least, a super thank you to my cousins daughter Lidka for these lovely creations:




I just love her drawings (especially the koala-just adorable!). And for such beautiful art Lidka also gets a special gift.

Lidka is a super talented artist and an amazing person! I’m one lucky (and proud) aunt!

Once everyone recives their thank you gifts I’ll post them up on my blog for everyone to see.

Thanks for a wonderful year!

All the best

Jess @ JNiggelArt

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20 thoughts on “Happy Blog Anniversary JNiggelArt!

  1. Lucky you! Some real treasures.

  2. Lovely post, the drawing are playful and beautiful!!

  3. Hello. Good to see you back. I’ve also had a lovely ltter from Ziggy Shortcrust 🙂

  4. Russell. says:

    Happy anniversary from Russell.

  5. Tiffini says:

    Oh my goodness, you did not have to send me anything! I can’t wait to get it – thank you! I certainly hope you enjoy the book after sending out thank yous! 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and thanks for sharing such cool gifts and drawings !

  7. What a lovely post! I am passing your blog details on to my daughter to put on her blog, ajjenner.com.

    She will love the idea of hand written letters. She finished her law degree, became a lawyer with a top firm then left last year to write! Very brave. But absolutely the right thing to do. 😉 I have to make a handmade book for my module this semester, I’ll post it up when it’s finished! thank you for a lovely blog.

  8. wow, you’ve gotten some treasures! i love that elf-scientist–makes me want to *receive* handwritten letters, anyway…and i’m really intrigued by the theo collective now..
    thanks for this post!

  9. A belated Happy Anniversary! I bet you wonder where that year went? I have to admit to the mad scientist being one of my favourite elves. So glad he arrived safely.

  10. […] Lidka is very artsy and likes to draw. Check out the drawings she made for me here. […]

  11. kathsartcorner says:

    Thank-you for the “like!” 🙂

  12. wongcamac says:

    happy first anniversary! keep blogging 🙂

  13. Harry says:

    Nice post. Your cousins daughter has some talent 😛 Cute pictures.
    I love your artwork btw! Especially all the portraits you make. Each a different style, portraying different emotions and feelings. Very varied- which I like. Keep ’em coming! 😉

  14. Amy Belle says:

    I like your art. And you have a nice blog!
    Thanks for sharing these interesting gifts you got with us.

  15. […] Wrote about this one here. Ziggy’s elves are amazing and her blog is full of […]

  16. […] To read about Tiffini’s blog and to see what I received from her click here. […]

  17. […] Have a look at the elf she made for me here. […]

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