What are you staring at?

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20 thoughts on “What are you staring at?

  1. slurryart says:

    awesome, i love those buggy eyes 🙂 happy new year. i look forward to seeing more of your work

  2. thomasoutt says:

    How eye catching! Wonderful! Would enjoy having that fish to watch my back! Thanks for posting! Great tints!

  3. ♥Sweet Sheelah Sweetheart♥ says:

    Cool Fish!

  4. Joyful Art Stuff says:

    Hi Jess, thanks for visiting my blog, i love your art. Looks like you use pastels in your art and i really like the effect !!!

  5. Angela Eden says:

    Wow, I love your artworks!

  6. Micah says:

    Great color in the fish!

  7. yingyangyoga says:

    i love it!! reminds me of my sweet beta fish ‘sky baby’ who lived so long,i celebrated his birthdays

  8. jessica says:

    Cool! I like the googly eyes! 😉

  9. Really nice! Love the colors!

  10. This is sooooo cute! 🙂

  11. samijo123 says:

    Thanks Jess for liking my blog so quickly! Your fish is awesome! I’ll never be able to paint like that! No! My blog is supposed to be all about being optimistic so YES! One day I WILL be able to paint like that!

  12. great saturated colours …

  13. Clelixedda says:

    This looks amazing!

  14. coffeebeans76 says:

    Thanks Jess for visiting my blog and Like :). I am glad you visited. This gave me a chance to see your beautiful sketches. Especially the title of this sketch is cute and humorous. – http://indiandesignsandcrafts.wordpress.com

  15. Nice drawing! Love the fish in this painting 🙂

  16. jane tims says:

    Hi. I really like your work on aquatic life. I especially like the colors you have used. Jane

  17. Nick says:

    This is fantastic. I love water color.

  18. […] a goldfish, which was one of the first things I ever painted (see the “old” goldfish here). The painting itself is very tiny, about the size of my hand (and I have very small hands), and […]

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