Sea oats and sand dunes

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15 thoughts on “Sea oats and sand dunes

  1. jav3d says:

    Wow! This is very very well done!I have never used water-colours so far but I’d like to experiment with them in near future.

  2. doronart says:

    I love the seaside… I often paint seascape and love the drama in the sky and sea of yours, beautiful.

  3. This is so amazing!
    I wish I was this fantastic at painting, you make me extremely jealous <//3
    -Holly xx

  4. Thank you so much for following my blog! 🙂
    Lovely to see, that I’m not the only one addicted to watercolors! This is wonderful, i like the subtle colors 🙂

  5. beautiful soft, soothing peaceful colors.

  6. sebland says:

    Makes me feel like I’m there, sitting on the beach. Nice work!

  7. I like the colours you have chosen for the sky. This is a very appealing painting.

  8. Jo says:

    Like!!! 😀

  9. Cuarditheoir says:

    Oh wow, this is beautiful! I love the colours you used – it looks really peaceful 🙂

  10. […] Next is JNiggelArt. Another amazing blog with some great art – I fell in love with her watercolour pieces – having tried watercolours myself I bow my head in respect – beautiful colour schemes, very warm and somehow conveying a sense of peace and comfort. Also, the landscapes are beautiful, but not in a “wow what an amazing piece fo the world” way – more “there’s beauty in plainness”, e.g. Sea Oats and Sand Dunes. […]

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