A birthday gift for my marine bio friend.

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20 thoughts on “Jellyfish

  1. Zurciu says:

    Jess, I love your work!!!

  2. doronart says:

    Amazing colours, what a great gift.

  3. slurryart says:

    Beautiful, I love it

  4. violetski says:

    So beautiful , Jess! Love it!

  5. mariannegv says:

    This work is really beautiful, Jess. Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Kind greetings,

  6. Happy Jey says:

    good work

  7. thanks for the like! I love seeing what people do when I follow their links 🙂 love this! for some reason, it makes me think of chalk… maybe the colors/texture? gorgeous!

  8. I love the colors in this picture, this is beautiful!

  9. Dy-Anne! says:

    This is wonderful. I love the colors and the decision to do it on black paper was a great one.

  10. The colours in this are so beautiful what an amazing present, you are so talented.

  11. apocalypseicons says:

    I am very fond of jelly fish but cuttlefish even more! What a delightful painting- love your work it reminds me of me when I was younger. I used to be an analytical chemist- great to find another art/scientist! Thanks for liking my blog.

  12. jane tims says:

    Hi. Lots of movement here! Jane

  13. This is so visually stimulating! I think it may be the saturated pastels against the black. Fantastic!

  14. domnakis says:

    My sister has this in her room when you gave it to her, it is lovely!

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